Sunday, December 18

A wayfarer

... I remind myself once more....

A wayfarer's advice
is to be kept close.
For he's the one
who's seen the wind
lap up to meet the sun.
He's the one who has carried
a rainbow in his back pocket
for miles on end...
He's the one whose hair
smells of many lands
you have read about in tales.
He's the one whose hands
have held hands of those
you can only hope to meet

He's a wayfarer
and a wayfarer he's been.
Why did he become one?
Was it his destiny?

No, he chose to be it
and it has become him.

Through lands of misfortune
and belting out grime
he's been everywhere...


Arundhati said...

:-)..So beautiful! But, have you asked a wayfarer, what it's like to be a wayfarer :-)?

Sushma Sabnis said... experience and yet, not belong..this is beautiful...