Wednesday, December 31

Food for thought

When the putrid smell of urine and goo and shit from this side of the road where slum children defecate,
mixes with the aroma of hot halwa being cooked in the sweet shop on the other side of the road,
what does it smell like?

Happy new year!

Thursday, December 11

Here I am

A journey has ended today.
I'm back here, absorbing the sounds, warm sun, chatter, conversations, mania, smells, familiar sights and the world at large, slowly.
Feels good to be here.

The autorickshaw driver who got me home this morning, wasn't even an autorickshawwala. He said he has a restaurant near the airport and uses the auto to cart his stocks. A 'Punjabi Chinese' restaurant. I dread to think what that must taste like but he gave me his card before leaving.
I like this place :)

Monday, December 1

The trees in Charlotte

The trees in Charlotte are beautiful. They're leafless these days and I've been trying to draw them eversince I got here...they mesmerise me.