Sunday, May 28





they've bought two crates of purity and stacked it in the outhouse.
they say it lasts a month.

Saturday, May 27

one thirty

two three
if I could,
I would've

one two threefour

i wish i could

wish i knew where to


Tuesday, May 23

Sunday, May 21

How goes the weekend?

Friday morn..

And then, Saturday evening...


and in the break...
Red Hot Chilli Peppers!!

The weekend goes very well!

Saturday, May 13


I romanticize.

The sky in Charlotte is beautiful. It is, really.
I could just write that.

I could think of writing it down
while lying on the green grass
on a late sunny afternoon,
lazying around
thinking of how beautiful
the Charlotte sky is.

I'm not writing this lying on the green grass.
that's what I imagine doing while I write this.

Maybe it's just the effect of the beautiful sky, afterall.
It makes you romanticize.

that's what i do.

Tuesday, May 9

D 1

At the moment that our minds dissolve into the fuzzy night light
at the time when parts of our intermingled body become mere
Extensions of hearts breathing calmly in unison

At the point when exhaustion yields not to sleep but
a peaceful slumber, I wonder how that dawn shall break
how I shall awake waiting for yet another such moment.

Shall I know this moment again, in a way that ceases to matter?
What you or I may think or where it is destined to lead
In a world where we cannot meet; in a moment where we had.

Why can I not think so clearly, as when you speak?
Is it because I have never known a love
that has not come for a price?

A feeling that there was, strong and spontaneous
That has lead more often to a desolate stillness
Incomprehensible by my solitary mind

Or is it as you say we meet like children, in a game
With nothing to lose? Except that others have returned
And I keep waiting feeling I have at least played.

But there is something pure and serene about this dawn
Even as I sit revisiting the past, strength I draw from knowing
That I have not for once shied from telling you.


Saturday, May 6

On the bus

on the bus

beautiful girl on the bus

guy that needs to be introduced to deodorant
guy asleep
girl that needs face wash
beautiful girl on the bus

beautiful girl

Aidan Keith


Friday, May 5

I like...

Because she's integrated maps into her work


because of the text and image amalgamation

One, two , three..

So, The other evening we went out for some drinks to this place called the Therapy Cafe. You have to check out the menu. The names of the drinks are hilarious. ( At one point, I looked at the bartender and said, "You've got some balls"). (You'll understand that bit only if you check out the menu).
So, it was fun and we got home way past two am and I don't know when I slept off.
What I do know is
The next day, I spent half my day barfing in the toilet bowl and the other half, sleeping.

It was awful.

Why'd it happen?
I mixed three strange strange drinks and I'm really not much of a drinker otherwise (hmm, I know some people would beg to differ). First I had the Freudian Sip, then I had You've got some balls and then, Girls gone wild. And I don't know about the other girls but it did make this particular one go wild....throwing up in the toilet bowl.

I'm off alcohol now.
Well, atleast till this evening, anyways!

Wednesday, May 3

Too lazy to write, so posting pictures instead.
is right after the
wrap up.

The beautiful yellow truck we had to rent to carry stuff.

The butterscotch building was so intriguing. The choicest characters sauntered in and out of it.

Ooh...check out the composition! Eyesore pink building in uptown, framed within the yellow truck door.

Right after we started wrapping up...

Monday, May 1