Friday, December 9

Cut to..

I just got back from the bookstore nearby.
While getting home, I had to walk a considerable distance to get a rickshaw. The whole place was cordoned off. It was okay by me, I enjoy walking in any case. But the woman walking in front of me furiously, looked terribly irate.

My rickshaw stopped at a red light. There was another rickshaw in front. A little boy sat on the deftly carved out back seat, his legs hanging in the air. He wore dark brown pants. His pants were missing a fly. In its place were several safety pins. Top to bottom, back and forth. Perhaps this will soon become the newest fashion fad?

Cut to... A life study drawing course at college, many years ago. Our faculty got in a youngish fattish boy to pose for us. We sat around on our wooden donkeys. It was a detailed drawing class and he was to sit still for an hour. After about twenty minutes our professor walked out for some fresh air. The boy got up too! He wasn't supposed to move an inch! So we asked him to sit down again. I was seated somewhere in front of him to the right. When my eyes reached the shorts he was wearing, I noticed the fly was somewhat open, stuck, broken...When I looked at his face again, I noticed he was shy and cringing a bit in embarassment.
I remember going back to my room in the hostel that night and writing about it with some questions. So, now every little boy in the slums outside, has to wear proper clothes, lest he be called to pose for Life study and have every mm of his body scrutinised by goofy artistic donkeys sitting atop wooden donkeys?

Cut to... A young woman who walked past me twenty minutes ago. She was wearing (definitely) 4th floor pants.

Cut to... Many years ago. A new batch of students had joined college. S was clad in these mighty tighty pair of jeans. We gaped, trying to unravel the mystery of getting into a piece of attire so terribly tight..and decided, she must've had to jump off the 4th floor to get into those pants.
Thereafter 3rd floor and 2nd floor pants were born too.

A man passed me by while I was walking to find a rickshaw. He seemed to be looking in one diection and talking in another.

Cut to... Many many years ago, the basketball court (also the place for all nocturnal revelry). U.P. stood near the far wall, facing it. His hands drew out vivid pictures in the dark air. We wondered what he was upto! He turned around a while later and we knew he was the first proud owner of a mobile phone on campus...


Zofo The Hermit of Wandering Thoughts said...

The 4th floor pants cracked me up...hyuck, hyuck.. and isn't it amazing how we remember the details of teeny weeny thingies that we see.... memories often shape our future...

I like reading about your rambles around town... definitely a welcome read.

Jugular Bean said...

I have such a nice cut to anecdote, but it's just too long to post.

Avalonian said...

i know the story Bean..but it is way too long to recount, but I'll laugh anyway. (har har ala Fingers)

Zofo The Hermit of Wandering Thoughts said...

and whats with you and open zippers (or lack of them)

Fingers said...

~ Zofo thank you. I knew this would come up... but there really isn't any nexus between those missing/ gaping zippers and me.

~ Bean, share it. What the nice cut about, becuse it seems really funny!

~ Avalonian, yus, har har...


Anonymous said...

nice musing bonu.
keep writing.
do visit my blog.(even though its mainly desing n tech, it has some interesting links)

take care