Monday, June 26


it's enough

sometimes it's dark in the sunniest afternoon

let go

Friday, June 23


General Sherman tree...the largest living thing on earth!
Stands 27 floors high, is around 2,300 years old.
I wanted to hug it.

Another sequoia on the trail to General Sherman

How large are the trees?
How small are we?

Crane your neck right back and you could perhaps see all of it!

It's a night for sleep

I just got back from the Sequoia national park!

How was it?
Can't describe it. No amount of words can do it justice.

Let's just say, I feel a whole lot calmer after paying obeisance to the largest and very very old (how old is two thousand and three hundred years old?), trees. General Sherman tree made me feel like a tiny tiny speck. But all in a good way.

The Sequoias are like warm, grandfatherly figures, the sort who'll gently pull you closer and lull you to sleep with fairytales. The sort who'll embrace you so you feel safe anywhere. Just wonderful.

And what can I say about warm water and how much it soothes me.
I miss my parents now.

On another note, I recieved my camera in the mail today!
So wheeeeeee!
Lots more photos of weird and even weirder things shall be put up now!

Oh and this drawing, I made it some days back.

I wish I were back at the park.

Sunday, June 18

Wednesday, June 14

Goin where the sea is blue...

Birds are funny
they strut around
when they aren't flying
and really, Id rather have them strutting around
so I can capture them
with a 10x optical zoom

I wonder what makes them happy

I wonder if they like to keep warm by bon-fires
probably not
they don't want to end up raosted.

I wonder if they pose
or if they're naturally so bum-shaky.

And it must be difficult for them
to bend and paint their toes.

Tuesday, June 13

It's baked in the sun, not a kiln

It's just nice
like warm water when you want it
it's reassuring
to know
all this clickety clack
is worth it.

What am I talking about?
I'd rather not be articulate.

I'd rather know what I'm talking about,
For once this greyness is good.

on another page...

Saturday, June 10

we're goin where the sun shines brightly...we're goin where the sea is blue....

Went for a film at the park this evening. It was fun.
The guy on the microphone said there were 1100 people there tonight - a record of some sort. I dn't care much about the record but it was fun. And they screened just the right sort of film. The legend of Zorro. You don't need to pay attention to the screen all along, the antics are funny, the characters are like spoofs of some sort, it's over all quite comic. Shall post photos soon. The moon was brilliant and so was the sky. and on thee way out aa little booy kept tugging his mom's shirt and asking her where all the duckies had gone...

I'm going to LA tomorrow. Shall stopover at Memphis where we'll be going to see Elvis Presley's house!!
After that we shall sit by thee Missippissi (I know I've spelt it wrong but it's more fun this way) river and lunch.


I've packed, unpcked, repacked my bags a couple of times and it's still not the way I want it to be .....light. In my next life that's what i want to be, a light traveller.

'm hitting the delete key more than any other one and nnow I'm beginning to wonder which one of us had that margarita aftereall, I or the keyboard.

Shall bee gone for nearly a month. Therefore blogging regularly ne pas possible.

Shall try and post pictures.


Tuesday, June 6

since a week

i've been working on some illustrations for a book.
here are some pictures i took while working.
initial studies and sketches

and tools

Sunday, June 4

Over coffee

And this painting was part of a small exhiibition. Each painting was made by a diifferent child, on a different topic.

love the colours

About Water

Water is one of those films that leave you silent. Too full, too emptied out, you don't want to talk about it till much later when you've put things together. You don't want to discuss the film with people lest it takes away from your experience of watching it.
That's what it did to me.
And sitting through the redits made full sense. It gave e time to internalize, tie up the bundle, and get ready to leave the dark hall.

It's a sliver from sometime in 1938 India, a different era, carefully reconstructed in Sri Lanka. From the first shot of little Chuyia swinging her feet on the bullock cart, to the last one of 'Didi' looking forlorn after handing Chuyia over to the truth seeking and worshipping brigade with Gandhi, the film was resonant of a fleeting cool breeze. The performances by Seema Biswas and little Sarala are stellar, nothing short of that.

Little Chuyia is widowed at a very young age when she doesn't even know who her husband is, and sent off to live in an ashram meant for widows. Her hair shorn off, she roams around in wraps of white, the look in her eyes one of confusion and sadness for her childhood pleasures being taken away. She cries little though.

I'm not going to write about the story.
This is only about how it affected me.

The play of light and shadow is brilliant. I clearly remember some shots, so stark, they had the word 'indelible' written across them. I wonder how the film would've looked had it been actually shot in Banaras. Would it have been excruciatingly beautiful? Or would it have been much too grand?

The film does not end in a heightened climax. It ends with a thud you don't want to hear. You say no no please no....nevertheless, it happens. Leaves you speechless.

Water is a film to be carried around in your shirt's left pocket - close to your heart.

Friday, June 2

It's a rainy day and I have a pot of hot tea

I'm working on a some illustrations for a childrens' book. It's the fable of the hare and the tortoise. Now, I've had a very difficult time drawing bunnies earlier, but this time is a whole new opportunity!. I'm thoroughly enjoying drawing tortoises and hares, making them pose and express funny things. It's totally involving. What's more, once I'm done with the drawings I'll be trying out different styles to ccolour the drawings.

Oh, and I love drawing tortoises!