Saturday, April 29

Sneek peak

Who knows what's going to happen tommorow...
Well for now, here's a bit of an illustration I made yesterday...

Wednesday, April 26

Mic testing hello hullooo

The horriblest weather shucks, what's one to do?
How can there be an exhibition in this weather?

I was trying to avoid renting a tent for the show - rental costs are freakin high. Looks like I'll have to get one in anycase, the weather God surely isn't smiling at me.
So all morning we've been out, thinking of bright and even brighter ideas to put up the display. Basically, we became walking and (increasingly) talking display structure designers. At Home Depot at ten am, with each passing aisle of different material, our brainwaves ran amok and voila! one smart idea after another!
And that, is really not such a good thing.

Lord, how I wish I didn't have many options. And if there had to be options in any case, I wish I didn't have a mind that doesn't rest.

It's grey right now. Tent or not tent.


Sunday, April 23

Girl at work

The fest is coming up in less than a week's time.

Yesterday we went to get some beads from
this shop. It sits inside a beautiful old house with an ancient, baby pink cadillac in the front. I wish the website were done better to show the shop itself. It's bliss! Specially for someone who once wrote a long paper on beads. Hahahahahaha It makes me laugh now, the idea of doing something like that.

This is our Sunday purchase...

So, I've been trying to work hard (grins).
In between all the hard work, when I take a break, my sister gets me a nice cup of chai. There's nothing better than it. And then I (try and) get back to work again. (grins again).

This is my sister, getting her precious Sunday siesta. A little somebody's inside her... :)

These are the flowers I got when I landed in Charlotte. they're still alive!

Saturday, April 22

I live for weekends!

Next weekend is a big weekend for me.
It's my first exhibition of paintings and drawings!
There is an art festival here and 100 emerging artists are being encouraged to put up their work in an individual booth.
I'm putting up paintings , photographs and beaded jewellery.
Since I didn't bring along any of my paintings from India, for the past three days(since the time I got to know of the fest), I've just been drawing and painting like crazy (well, almost). :)

Yesterday when I went to submit my application form, the good lady at the counter called me an artist!

And then later on, when we went gallery crawling in NoDa(the art hub of Charlotte), someone came up to me while I was looking at the photographs, and asked me if I was one of the people who'd put up their work there! Okay, so this one might not seem like a big deal, considering there were a few of us and he could've asked anyone else. Well, it made me feel all good!

Please please please pray that the next weekend, Saturday and Sunday are just plain sunny days not sudden-burst-of-rain days like today.

I'm all smiles as I get back to the mobile studio I've created downstairs (I operate out of a basket...(that houses all the equipment I need) ). Hahaa

(The neckpiece in the pic - I made it when I was in Bombay, sitting up three nights. Used thread since I didn't have wire. I love the sumptious colours...)

Tuesday, April 18

... give us today
our daily bread...

Sunday, April 16


The nicest weekend I've had in a long long time..
We went camping.

Savannah is

b e a u t i f u l

Wednesday, April 12

One day

All this while, I've been at it
and I'm still trying
to find myself.

I wonder then,
how much longer I'm going to take
lose you,
the idea of you,
anything to do with you,
and if it's
even possible?


The moon tonight-
shell disc
fogged by
those racing
cotton swabs running parallel to my universe.


And who would've thought
one day
I'd make salted snacks,
bake a cocolate cake and
some cookies too!
All in a days work.

The cookies...
ah..they weren't cookies really.
They were meant to be donuts but there weren't any eggs
so we tried making some sweet snacks out of the dough.
Didn't work out.
So we pulled out the baking tray and splattered the gooey doughish batter on it in even amounts
trying to make them look decent.
Then I adorned each one with a chocolate chip.
Fifteen minutes later.
We have fresh cookies at home!

Tuesday, April 11

Too many names...

Pablo Neruda

New red shoes...

This afternoon, I walked around the backyard...

Attempting selfishness for once

From now on.
I will

not talk
when I know
my words
are not needed,
not heard

not give unnecessary
things and people who don't value it.

I'm going to try and be selfish.

And why not?

I have to take care of my own blisters. No one go oooh or awww when it's about me.
So, however vain my reason might seem, I don't care. I'm going ahead with my plan. I have many reasons, I just choose not to write them down. Hmmph.

So anyway,
I've been getting sloshed
sometimes at lunch, too!

Friday, April 7

Got lessons...

...from a friend

Won't forget them.

Thank you...

And on another note and another morning,
I woke up very early today.
Had to be uptown at 7:30 am so we woke up (I was woken up at 6 and finally woke up at 6:15).
Walked around uptown top to bottom back and forth, many times over.
Walked around
talked about

looked into shop windows that were still shut
it was fun!

I feel great!
(Ma says I should go to the gym to feel reinvigorated.
I'll go to the gym,
just not yet.

And then...