Tuesday, August 15

with you without you

We are moving

Thanks for watching.
The trick then lies in learning to balance things.
To be able to not let things affect you too much.
At the same time, to not become stoic to everything around you.
It's tough.

I'm still learning.

Tuesday, August 8


it's nearly 6 am now. I've been up for more than an hour.
I hope this jetlag stays, seriously. I d love to see the sun rise every morn.
It's so nice to be home.

Friday, August 4


New to the neighborhood.

Some whacky finger monsters

some regular guys

a swimmer (I love this one)

a bugbox with a magnified top for me to peer down through

and then, the whole new lot!

Thursday, August 3

Wednesday, August 2

Black ink

I'm an athiest
I go to all places of worship.

And sometimes I get tired of these calculations
wherever I go they're around.

I read the temperature in fahrenheit
but feel it in celsius.

I weigh myself in pounds
but feel my weight in kilos.

I buy in dollars
but spend in rupees.

Wonder when this automatic calculator will lie down.

But can we ever meet without prejudices?
Like we did when we were small.

Is a coffee equal to two hours of silken silence?
It's so quiet here all of a sudden
This clickety-clack is amplified.

I know I'm not the centre of the universe
but wait, there's no need to feel smug.
Neither are you.