Monday, December 12


This postcard from
post a secret says something...

Here's someone who's
reaching out to love,
not just to be loved, like
most others...

It tells a story to me.


Arundhati said...

oh wow :-)! Wish there are more like him\her!

Zofo The Hermit of Wandering Thoughts said...

i will tell you a story about the wall I made.....

I, have built this wall
to surround me
confine me
and protect me.
For I know no one is patient enough
to be willing to climb this high
they know what is on the other side
it is me.
These bricks are heavy,

They sap my soul.

With the sorrow deep in my heart
but it is all worth my effort,

to go on raising the wall
nothing can touch me here
nothing at all.
I don't miss the outside world
I don't miss the cold,
the warmth,
the hatred,
the love.

the betrayal,

The cherry blossoms weep

When they see my, Lair.

Like a dungeon

I have retreated deep inside here there is no





I think I’m just a wee bit insane.

The last vestige of my sanity

is the mortar which is keeping me here.

I don't miss anything.

Cause I’m nothing to anybody

When I’m in here.

My refuge from pain, love & all this insanity

Fingers said...

Is this your postcard, Zofo?

Laban T Walker said...

unique, necessary, what we need to hear...the card in the post i mean