Tuesday, December 13

Riddle me ree

I'm a bit confused and disoriented this morn. I know what it is, it's the morn itself! I haven't 'woken up' at 5:30 a.m. in a long long time. It feels awesome to have the day ahead, rather than, half the day and the whole night ahead.

Yesterday I realized the the elderly get surprised when a young person steps forward to help them. I was getting back from the hospital nearby. An old man was walking in front of me and was trying to open the door so I opened it for him and smiled. He looked startled! This doesn't even qualify as goodness, it's just normal to open the door for someone. Isn't it sad that the elderly are startled by normal behavior?

To the boy who rose
and stood on his toes
when I neared the seat in the backish rows
next to the doors
in the bus.
I didn't ask him to alight
perhaps the bus conductor gave him a fright.

To the boy who rose,
who doesn't knows,
I'm writing some inane prose
and thanking him again, of course.

One little verse that has stayed in my mind since I was a child is this. I'd read it in an old issue of Reader's Digest.

I've lost some friends
I truly cherished,
whose loss I've greatly sorrowed.
These friends weren't humans
who have perished.
There were books
that humans borrowed.

Isn't is really good? I mean, the verse, of course. And rings true, too.

I fear, I use, too many, commas.
And that, my commas, break up, my sentences, into leetle leetle beetles, cut up into four,
with, each piece, walking away, in a stupor, to the door.

Aye aye! I'm going to read the papers today, after many days. And I shall do the crossword too!

So, I've come to terms with things since yesterday, even though I did not buy myself any flowers. If they want bare backgrounds and nearly bare foregrounds, then that is what I will give them! Of course, I admit, Fred looked much better on the cover than he did in the rest of the 15 spreads. Gosh! Shudder!
I'll survive.

And since I'm such a silly optimist, i will try and draw those bunnies better this time.

I'm listening to Buena Vista Social Club after a long time. It's one of my dreams to one day make an animated music video for one of their tracks. I've envisaged it many times. Should do the storyboard so it doesn't go away. They say, good ideas never go away. But I have such a hopeless memory. I even forget to eat the 5 almonds that my mother leaves in a bowl for me each day. And I've already forgotten that verse I wrote in my mind on the train journey back home.
Looking out the train window is such a trip back to childhood.
I would lie on my back and look out the window, so everything appeared upside down. And I imagined the electricity poles moving alongwith the train as it chugged. My father was in the army and I've heard so much about the awesome army special trains. The ones that pile up everything from tankand trucks to pantry cars and little flower pots, into the same train. So the whole regiment moves together, all the soldiers, officers, and all their families. They move slow and stop often at various railway stations. It sounds so much fun! And I always had a grouse that I'd never had the opportunity to travel on one, unlike my sister whose first birthday was gloriously celebrated in a Special train, amid a coachful of drying nappies.
I learnt recently that I did travel by Special train once. I was too small and didn't even celebrate a birthday in it. So I don't remember a thing! Whine.

~think warm.....think warm......~
Keep warm everyone, get those babushkas out!


Catnapping said...

your frog's a prince!

Laban T Walker said...

what a wonderful day you seem to have before you! the sun is probably going to ask for ID just to make sure it's really you...

i agree with cat, fred looks mahvalous!

Zofo The Hermit of Wandering Thoughts said...

first about muscle fueled Fred, I think its fab... was watching some channel V and they had this Indian Animation Day thing and I was thinking of you while watching some of the short films were brilliant, did you by any chance catch it??

And loved the verse about the boi....

as for warmth I am boiling in this heat yuckso.... I miss the cold allready and will have to endure a week more... damn