Thursday, December 15

Moving on

When things got blue
you asked me to
move on.

When I got stuck
you wished me goodluck
and asked me to
move on.

When there was a jam
the cop said, "Sorry Ma'am,
but you must
move on".

When the lights went out
and I shivered when I heard the shout,
I grabbed the keys
and moved on.

Past pretty Padmas
and zany Zoeys
I have
moved on.

This trick of the trade
came a bit late to me.
I learnt it the hard way
and now I think I can say,
I'm moving on.

Tears have been shed
All the soggy memories are
just a sample.
I've tried to move on.

and ambiguity
hand in hand,
wrote with dexterity,

"move on"...


Zofo The Hermit of Wandering Thoughts said...

can you teach me too... I seem to be stuck in this whirlgig of time and my memories refiuse to give up on the good times they once had... really liked the second last para...

Laban T Walker said...

moving on is essential...please don't forget to bring the important things with you