Thursday, December 28


Everyone sees it.
Some have it.
I knew once how to deal with it.
But yesterday, for the sake of
finding a way out,
the barber first made me look like Amitabh Bachhan
and then
I asked him to take it all off.

Is this what bliss is?
How come it seems so shallow?

Tuesday, December 26


Something heavy
like a cloud over my head.
This purple-brown cloud.
Most undesirable cloud.

It floated away
later in the day.
A game of frisbee
made it go away.

I'm tired tonight.
There's a glint of joy in my eyes,
I think.

Sunday, December 24


I'm going to find magic
not because I'm going to look so hard for it.

But because I believe it's out there,
just waiting
for me to lay my eyes on it.

Friday, December 22


And I can't explain.
There's just something going so terribly wrong somewhere.
I'm completely involvled.
I'm standing far out,
Nowhere to be seen.

How close am I?
Can you hear this song
playing next to my mind?

It's the most beautiful hum
of calm.

I have been walking around
with beautiful people by my side.
But something's wrong, so terribly wrong,
it isn't enough,

Wednesday, December 20

Nothing much

I'm flying
I'm running
I'm climbing,
really really fast

things seem nearer,
they're far away
I'm getting closer
but there's something in the way.

Walk with me, then?

Tuesday, December 19

Sunday, December 17


I hate being in a stituation where I'm forced to say only nice things.
I hate being in a situation that forces me to relive the past.
The past is past,
let it be.
Someone's been looking for me for 14 years.
We were together in junior school.
So long ago.

I know,
I know.
I don't want to know anymore.

Friday, December 15


It's so good to have wheels for feet.
I'm loving each moment of this nomadic life.