Thursday, December 22

This isn't Elm Street

Those things are back.
I woke up this morning in a cold sweat
it's cold outside.
I don't know what temperature it is.
Horrible nightmares.
They've troubled me before
for months.
I know what it means
and I also know the recurring pattern of these nightmares
and I also know the people who feature in them.
It isn't easy to put it right.

Woke up at 6 this morn
I was asleep on the cushion.
Looked outside the window
no sign of dawn
it was dark with a few
dark blue
Killer headache go away
nightmares, leave me alone.

...and why is it
that the people who say 'the' things are seldom the people you want to hear these 'things' from. And the people you want to hear these 'things' from, seldom say them.



Zofo The Hermit of Wandering Thoughts said...

ayooo what is happening.. life has indeed turned into a nightmare and my friend Freddie {BTW don't believe the rumors they spread about him} is no where to be found... yes nightmares....bah..nightmares... they have recently invaded me to...not only when I am asleeP (which is seldom) but also when i AM WIDE AWAKE

Yes the right people prefer not to make those THINGs and so the tragedy continues...


yes... sighhhhh.

Fingers said...

Hi Zofo, Freddie's doing quite well. He'll come visiting with his comrades soon.

coyote said...

It's the nature of nightmares, little one. The mind's way of untying those silly knots we're too distracted to recognise are there, when we're awake. They're seldom precisely what they seem to be about -- and seldom as bad as they always seem to feel, right after we wake up.

And maybe just a way of waking you up to deal with the headache. Whenever I get one of those in my sleep, or perhaps if I'm over-hot, I'm awakened by an old (and entirely imaginary) rotary phone ringing loudly next to me. I call it my aspirin-and-drink-of-water alarm....

Fingers said...

Coyote ~ Mine's a migraine, I think.
Those nightmares are awful creatures.

Fingers said...

Gasp! I just realised that Aspirin's a banned drug, Coyote!

coyote said...

It is? Heavens! Not here. But there's always the tried-and-true folk medicine alternative: chewing on willow bark. Whatever ya call it, it's all just plain old acetysalicylic acid. Although the bark is worse when you bite...

Fingers said...

...and you just had to write that last line, didn't you?

the game, again.

(it's a lot like a friend of mine would spell ALBuMS)