Wednesday, December 7

Jim in jammies

I only want to listen to new music,
not face any.

(i know, 'Jim in jammies only makes sense to me. i have my days of being surreal too and i think everyone should try it. today happens to be half an NC day)

~~~~Due to the dirth of actual new music, I have rediscovered Melanie Safka. 'Brand new pair of rollerskates' is wonderful. So is her version of 'Mr. Tambourine man'.~~~~


Jugular Bean said...

Sadly, surreal days are underrated!

Finny Forever said...

i want to be new music please.

Avalonian said...

ah yes, I shall hold good on that promise, however, end of sem exams beckon for my attention...kindly adjust

Fingers said...

Mr. Bean ~ You are quite right.

Finny Forever ~ Perhaps it's your surreal day too!

Avalonian ~ Good Luck...