Sunday, December 4

News update at 5 a.m.

Does anyone know how to revive a dried up old Rotring pen? I've tried everything. It's a .2 nib. I even soaked it in hot water to declog it. Still doesn't work. Please help!

So, looks like the 'high-kick-girl' is back. She's not in full form yet, but almost there. Here goes..

This is an ode to nincompoops and dunderheads. Big swollen heads who think that without their turning in the world won't spin. Sometimes it takes a long time to see that the halo on someone's head is actually an extention of their swollen heads. It takes a while to see the whole picture.I saw it now.I let the cold winter air grab me, as I stood out in the balcony, Without mules. It didn't hit me, this air was gentle and smooth. It grabbed me, nonetheless. I saw the sea. A sea of lights laid out for a nocturnal feast. I saw the trees doing a ballet. I saw the old man clad in white walking briskly. I saw the light. I saw that the halo was an extention of the swollen head.
And so, I send out a proper high kick, carried in all directions by the faithful winter air. It will go to many lands and convey my packaged gift in willowy strings, the high kicks I am sending out to all those nincompoops who think they are the pivot on which everything rotates.
May you turn on your own silly heads.
May the egotistical vertices be with you.

It isn't that everything's bad. It isn't also that nothing's bad. It's just that at this point, the bad is really bad. And it's confounding too. I mean, who can explain the horrible solution, a solution finding pro comes up with? How can anyone applaud such banal efforts?

I'm sick of my music list! I've heard everyhing I got, too many times over. Can anyone be a nice soul and send me some music...I know it isn't Christmas yet....but still....a good deed never hurt anyone too much...I don't know what else to say!

It's past five a.m.
My feet are freezing.
Fred's waiting for me over there. (i've had it with him! 14 and still rolling...hmmppff!)
I've had two cups of coffee tonight.
Yes, I know I'm writing things no one needs to know.
Tomorrow will not be a breakfast day.

I slept for 14 hours today (yesterday? I'm confused)
I'd been working for 24 hours before that.
I need some new midnight snacks.
I've been dreaming of eating jelly and I don't know why I'm craving for it.
I couldn't get past today's crossword.
I love yellow light, specially in winters.

I'm mad at someone for coming up with the worst solution ever.
As I write this, I crave for vegetable noodles with oodles of soya sauce.

Au revoir!


Jugular Bean said...

I get a tad annoyed if I can't get past the crossword!

What sorta music do you want?

Fingers said...

Anything, Bean, anything really. New music!!!
anything new is good.
yikes, i'm a zombie again. haven't slept all night again.
yikes and yikes
(fades out)
falls asleep on the keyboard

Zofo The Hermit of Wandering Thoughts said...

Which crossword was that.. the easy one or the cryptic.. and which newspaper TIMES OF INDIA?

Avalonian said...

If any music, then how do u want it sent to u?

Fingers said...

Thanks, Avalonian!

Avalonian said...

ah yes..shall think up some soul stirring stuff to listen to...