Wednesday, December 31

Food for thought

When the putrid smell of urine and goo and shit from this side of the road where slum children defecate,
mixes with the aroma of hot halwa being cooked in the sweet shop on the other side of the road,
what does it smell like?

Happy new year!

Thursday, December 11

Here I am

A journey has ended today.
I'm back here, absorbing the sounds, warm sun, chatter, conversations, mania, smells, familiar sights and the world at large, slowly.
Feels good to be here.

The autorickshaw driver who got me home this morning, wasn't even an autorickshawwala. He said he has a restaurant near the airport and uses the auto to cart his stocks. A 'Punjabi Chinese' restaurant. I dread to think what that must taste like but he gave me his card before leaving.
I like this place :)

Monday, December 1

The trees in Charlotte

The trees in Charlotte are beautiful. They're leafless these days and I've been trying to draw them eversince I got here...they mesmerise me.

Thursday, October 16


Not willowy
or reminiscent
of sunrises,
not typical
lady's hands
garnished with
feisty colours
on fingertips.

Carpenter's hands
sculptor's clay molding
from mud to bands.
They have no particular hour
of awakening.
The morning does little
to make them tingle,
they must.
Nighttime is perfect
to raise a requiem.
We sing together
in perfect raw harmony
these ten digits of mine.

You may not like the sound.
It may be din to you.
This cacophony
is the birth
of activity.
They seldom clap
to announce their
no garlands
are brought out
and no
rings laid fresh.
Could diamonds
make them pretty?
Could diamonds
ornament a
block of wood,
a bump of clay
that is drying in the sun?
If yes,
then yes.

This was written some years ago.

Friday, October 3

and later in the evening

I'm enjoying these.

And later in the evening...

Saturday, September 27

Wednesday, September 24

Good morning

Ah, approaching old age, I woke up at 4:30 am today. I still can't believe it.
The maid rang the bell and I opened the door. She smiled and said, "you're awake today!".

I wish I could wake early every morn but I just can't.

Anyway, Made use of the morn and shot some photos of ants for the new book I'm working on. Feeling good. Off to work now. Have a nice day!

Sunday, August 31

This funny business

Yesterday I went to a play by the Budhan theatre group.
Was lovely to meet Nitin who performed in one of the plays, and all his friends who also performed. They asked me to perform with them.
I said I'm not an actor, I can't act.
They said that's what even they said till they begun to work together...and look at them all now!
I didn't know what to say.
They said, come by to our library where we all practice every evening.
I said I'd try.

It's very far. The other side across town. And I'm not going to be an actor anyways.

But I'd love to meet the kids again and share their energies.

Wednesday, July 30

Coming soon!

Some of the jewellery I've been making...

Friday, February 22


Near the windmills, a picturesue pit stop for chai, ofcourse.

And endless sea of windmills...