Thursday, December 8

Alt Aye Aye!

I'm so excited about what I'm doing right now! Too bad, I'm a nocturnal worker and everyone else around me is asleep or I would've let out a loud scream of joy.

The details shall be revealed later, perhaps on Monday. But for now, I'll only say that I'm busy fooling Photoshop. The bugger refused to increase the size of an image to a digit I want. So, I'm fooling it and getting my work done. It's fun when you discover the way around nooses.

There are things I like to do. Some, I like to do only past midnight. Like wearing a dash of purple eye make up (snort). I do that sometimes to drive the yawns away. I write, too. I play one silly game over and over again and listen to music. I go stand in the balcony and look around, smelling the fresh air.

And there are things I do when I'm nervous for some reason. I clean up my table and closet and book shelves, knowing fully well that I work best in mess. And then, there are times when I slouch in front of the tele with a jar full of some insane snack, and eat till I fall asleep.

But I'm glad to say now, that I'm happiest when I'm working and my work's showing up well. Ah...what bliss!

When I sit down at my lightbox and draw frame after frame, completely engrossed in the nanosecond movement, and when I put the pencil down and flip the frames, held between my fingers, and the movement is coming out right, the autorickshaw is coming to a halt in the exact liquid, flexible way I wanted it to........WOW!

I get back to my work now.
Actually, I am working alongside writing this.
You see, photoshop is doing it's job well now.
Suddenly, it feels like some pea brained thingamajig that needs to be told in very very simple terms what it needs to do!

Away I go.

Alt Aye Aye!!

(snort snort)

p.s. It is a bad idea to finish the day's crossword before seven in the morning.

And hey...thank you for all those mugshots in my inbox! I'm going to do the chickie brickie thing and put up all of them on this blog!! Har har har har


Avalonian said...

If you are awake during your night, that's my day, my antipodal companion.

Fingers said...

I know, I know! Isn't it really something? And I'm visiting family on the other side of the planet soon, and there was a time when they'd tell me to 'Go to sleep!' but now that my traipsing across is getting nearer, they tell me it's a good thing, my nocturnal sojourn...I won't have any problems with the day and night adjustments.

I'm borrowing Dwarfie's game. Let's play!
Let's rhyme the word verification letters, aye?

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Zofo The Hermit of Wandering Thoughts said...

purple coloured eyelashes.........