Thursday, December 22

Rosemary tea on an orange rocking chair

There's someone else who wants to go for a walk with me.
The boy from the train journey!
I'm not kidding. He happens to live nearby and since I didn't know how to not give him my phone number, he has been calling. He sometimes sends me messages that I must delete rightaway because they're funny and not in a funny way (well, maybe in a funny way, but not that funny. Oh no I'm confused again). Now, the thing is, he asked me to go for a walk sometime and that sounds good. Walking is good, people who walk are good, and people who like to walk are even better. If he'd said, " Maybe we can have coffee sometime..", or somethng like that, it would've been okay and I wouldn't have thought about it. But this really surprised me in a good way (not that good...not again).
So, if I can find some time to, I will go for a walk with the funny boy who was full of questions. What was really funny (without any confusion) was the way he was trying to guess my age and he must be really bad at math. Ha ha!!

Saw some books with awesome covers, today!
They say you shouldn't ever judge a book by its cover but I can't help have it any other way. Lately I've found that I cannot get myself to read a book that has no pictures or illustrations! (It's a good thing i didn't have this conversation with the funny boy; he would've thought I was in kindergarten).

Was browsing through a book of Tom Robbins' poetry that was too expensive to buy, when I came across this..
(these aren't the exact words, I don't have a great memory)

How can she get rid of this ghost?
Wherever she goes, he follows.
Oh! White pantyline...

har har

I saw this book on a shelf. Was intrigued by the title. Didn't have enough time to browse through it. It was called 'Emergency Sex'.


Zofo The Hermit of Wandering Thoughts said...

A walk with a funny boy that zounds nice...and that book...well emergency sex still needs another partner or maybe with machines...Ayoooo indeedy

Heretic said...

Last-named book sounds really funny--Chapters would probably be: Quickies on the Metro; Getting a mile high with the Air-hostess; Watching out for the gear knob at 60 humps per hour. :-))

Ok, so that was corny. Sorry for that. Funny boy sounds like a good idea; perhaps you're put off coz he's actually killing the air of mystery by asking you out. :-)

Go for it!

death said...

hee hee :) emergency sex rules, but the pain endures :(

Zofo The Hermit of Wandering Thoughts said...

I also heard that Rosemary had a baby!!!

Fingers said...

Zofo ~ Yeah, the idea of a walk is always nice.

Heretic ~ I'm not put off at all. A walk is always nice.

coyote said...

And talking is easier when one's feet are moving. Maybe he won't ask so many questions, then. Perhaps you can get some in edgeways. Then you'll both know more, which I can't help but think is a good thing...