Tuesday, December 13


I have some very depressing news.
I need to do some more work on those illustrations of frogs and rabbits
turns out
they really liked the cover i made first of all
and they think the illustrations look very diferent
lots of work
and very little money
I know I shouldn't be cribbing about the less money because this ~experience~ is important. But fish!! I got to experience the first time round, since I have to do some more work on some of them, they might as well concentrate on the money.

I swear, I will never draw rabbits after this is done.
Ws having fun drawing frogs towards the end and now I have to go back to my first drawing, on the cover, for reference...that was when I was just getting familiar with those greenies.
I've been told not to sigh so much.
So I won't.

Apart from that, things seem fine. My films's showing up well, I'm back to my nocturnal routine and other things are looking up too.
Just that, it's fuh reezing cold here. Someone's been sprinkling too much 'chilly' pepper.

It's noon and I haven't slept yet. Been awake for nearly 24 hours but it doesn't seem that big a deal anymore. Welcome to Zombieland.

In the dark times
Will there also be singing?
Yes, there will be singing
About the dark times.

Bertolt Brecht

Wonderful wonderful
I'm so full of nothng right now.
Waiting to sleep
but before that,
waiting for a phone call about the drawings
and while I wait,
I'm full of nothing.

Hopefully the day will unfold better hours
I have half a mind to buy myself some flowers
I really do.


coyote said...

Oh dear. I can smell fried frogs and burnt bunnies from here...

Yes, do buy flowers. It's best to be kind to oneself at times like this.

Avalonian said...

I agree with that wise person who said you sigh too much...

Fingers said...

Coyote ~ Luckily for those little ones, I'm vegetarian. :)

AvalonDish ~ Sigh!