Tuesday, December 20

My yellow friend

It's the wedding season here.
My friend's getting married too.

There's so much to say about her.

Wonderful wonderful friend
with shades of cerulean blue
and all hues of green.
Made me see sense
made me let go
made me treasure what is generally known as trivia.
We discovered poets, artists, designers and filmmakers
Shared them with each other.
We grew
Jack's beanstalk seemed small.
I'm so happy for you now.

What do you say about a friend
who tells you
that the best wedding gift for her
will be a walk before the
a walk to warm those cold feet?

I smile.

Just a walk.


Zofo The Hermit of Wandering Thoughts said...

nothing like a walk down the asile for them cold feet...har har...

Laban T Walker said...

friends rock! very nice picture btw

anne said...

oh! i love your illo-style!
you are bookmarked from now on and keep up the good work!
all the best,

coyote said...

...just a walk...

I like people who have their priorities straight.

Jugular Bean said...

Wheee! Weddings are a blast!

998fort said...

friends! Yay! Love our friends!

Avalonian said...

Yes, you DO have rather big eyes...