Friday, December 9

Shake and stir

Darn! I'm too sleepy to think straight. Yet, I can't sleep!

Read this collection of essays by Woody Allen, once. There was one called, 'What if all the impressionists were dentists?'. It totally cracked me up. The first account was of Lautrec barely managing to hoist himself onto a tall dentists' stool. And his first patient is this fat woman who opens her mouth for him and he finds himself looking at the biggest jaw he has ever seen...says something to the effect of...even her jaw couldn't contain the dentures...
Well, perhaps I don't remember too clearly what it said (too sleepy, remember?).
But this is how I saw it....
Good night, world!


Avalonian said...

I don't know if I have got this right but here goes:

It's winter and I need to
P is the letter next to
O, and I see it's next to
I really must break this habit
And teach Babushka how to draw some rabbits..

har har?

Fingers said...

You got it all right.

Now, please teach how to draw those bunnies...

House of Xoggies
Dinner off

(har har!)

Jugular Bean said...

If you wanted to take a crap at Lautrec's house you'd never have to wait, cause he had Toulouse!