Thursday, November 12

It's a wrap. or Packing up for good.

How do you say bye to a city you love?

I've been delaying packing and actually, delaying dealing with the fact that I'm saying bye bye to Ahmedabad. But now there's only a week left and I have to be real.
Don't want to pack. Will have to begin to call movers and packers today.

And winter's finally here (even though it took a dizzy Phyan to bring it over). It's grey and cold.
Nice change.

Nice change.

Wednesday, July 8

looking back

these past few months have been heavy.

and these coming months are going to haphazard too considering the plans i'm making.

but it's always a good feeling to look back at my sketchbooks once the storm has passed.

Monday, July 6

this, from my new house

waiting to experience this house in the rains...

Sunday, June 14

A brother for poetry

Something new is going to come up.
But as of now I'm doing my best to stay afloat.

My four brothers (according to Indonesian culture) and a blue stone are taking care of me and this time around, the first time ever I swear, I am taking care of me, too.

Tuesday, May 19

Old pages

I haven't drawn or photographed anything in really long.
Was busy busy with house-hunting and then packing and then moving and still the new house is too isolated and cold. I think I'm going to look for another place still.
I tried to feel okay in the new house but I resented going back there each evening, feeling such a sigh of relief as soon as I locked the door and walked out of it. But still, each time I walked up the stairs and unlocked the door, that stupid little sense of belonging tried to get into the house too.
Sigh, too much confusion.
And so I came home, to my parents' place to relax for a bit.

Monday, April 6

tea under the tree etc

A friend came over, we had tea and chatted. Lots of us were there. Then he shared with us the story of his short film that he's making. We discussed it for a good part of the hour and then we went out for dinner.
At one of the traffic signals a little boy was selling something that flashed lights. This is what it is! :)

And we ate yummy kebabs.

Saturday, April 4

It's a late afternoon

I haven't been enjoying my work lately.
So today I've decided to paint a little, draw and doodle a little, read a little and think a little. Hope I can relax and think clearly about everything today. Will try and find some good Assam tea that dee's asked me to taste.

Have a nice day everyone :)

Thursday, March 5

Meet Suzanne

She'll be coming around soon!

Friday, February 27

It's all been white

for sometime now and I'm soaking myself in this whiteness.

Friday, February 6