Saturday, February 25

There's something to be said about the feverish zest that comes froma nd leads to working all night and most of the day.

Doesn't superficiality get to people sometimes? How long can one continue to have phattic conversations ? Isn't there anything that matters to these people?
I suppose there's a bit of this in a lot of us. But there's a lot of it in some of us.
And that's the bother.
Why does it bother me?
Why can't I accept it at face value?
Why can't I be content with 'I'm ok'?
Why is it important for me to be honest, at all levels (and land up in cold spots every now and then because of it) ?

I don't know.
Why must I fortify myself and become stoic just so I can survive?

Something seems horrible wrong somewhere.

And not all of it is inside me.


Me.. said...

love ur creative works.. linking u at m blog.. i hope u wouldn't mind..

((the wrong grammer, i meant..!!))


Zofo The Hermit of Wandering Thoughts said...

yes I agree superficality rules these days... and good Conversation is dead...I tellyou..dead..


Nessa said...

Fingers, just ignore 'em superficial ones.. they're not worth it anyway!

Fingers said...

Me, sure, no problem. Thank you.

Zofo, I've found good conversation at the weirdest places. I'd say it isn't dead at all, just hiding.

Nessa, I know!!


Ben said...

Hi there - I used the term "phatic" in a comment on a friend's LJ and ended up creating a wiki page on it!

Anyhow, googling around I came upon this blog post ... where you use the term perfectly ... just what I've been saying for so long.

And no, it isn't just "in us", there's definitely something wrong. (I'm facing a particularly tough patch just now, but I mean generally.)