Tuesday, February 14

Blah Blah day

I just don't feel like writing these days. I don't know why. It's not like there isn't much to say, that can never be possible. Even if there isn't too much excitement in the present life, there are always things to say...about the past or the future or the neighbor's dog, or the vegetable guy I met, or even the school kids I spoke to two days ago. And then, there's always my childhood to go back to.
No, it isn't that I don't have much to say.

I just don't feel like writing anything down. Perhaps I'm doing too much thinking and don't like to make the journey from mind to the tips of my fingers and then out on to the paper (or keyboard).

Whatever it is, it's making me draw a lot, instead.
And yes, I haven't gotten over my fetish for commas.

I met some interesting people today. Had to wait in a shop for many hours while the paperwork was getting done. Lord! It was a bore. But fun, in a very very lazy way. Gulped down several cups of chai and coffee. How can people work in a place that has a faint stink of pee? It made me feel sick. Of course, ma needed to walk around periodically, go outside and walk in the lawns because she kept feeling claustrophobic inside and also because her hot flushes kept playing the devil. Poor ma. These two things attack her in the most unexpected places and circumstances. Haha...reminds me of when she and I were in the planetarium in Jaipur some years ago, and she couldn't bear the idea of being in a room that was absolutely closed and had no light except for the imitation of a nightsky full of stars. She asked the people incharge to help if she needed to rush out immediately. They were nice, made us sit right next to the emergency exit. The room filled up with school kids in uniforms. And one old man wearing a monkey cap. It was a nice experience. Ma didn't have a hot flush, afterall. Maybe because she drank lots of water while the show was on.

So, hopefully all those frog illustrations are finally through.

Everyone, please pray for the pigeon that's sitting on her egg in the tulsi pot in my balcony for more than a week now. Please pray that the nasty crow doesn't eat the egg this time. I can see the pigeon's very very cautious this time. She hardly ever leaves the egg. I wonder how she manages to get food for herself.

I'm listening to the wonderful track from 'In the mood for love', by Shigeru Umibayashi. You know, the track that plays everytime she steps out to get some noodles...and meets the guy on the staircase... I love that film.

O, and this drawing is from a series I'm working on. It just happened to me.

And I just realised, for someone who says she doesn't feel like writing much these days, that's a really long post!


Madhur said...

oh you must listen to the 2046 OST if you haven't already, very heady indeed. Great art btw.

Sagar said...

Finally, you have broken the silence!
Yes,the past few pictures have some thing in common, the flow of the lines and the inertia. Nice work,as always:)

bluerebel said...

Yeah that was a nice post...looks like you got past that which was stopping you from writing.

Madhur said...

the big black raven will swoop down upon your eggs, i mean the pigeons and smash em to pulp. my advise to you - get to the egg first and beat the raven to it. cook and eat sunny-side-up and save the guilty trips for the poor chicken eggies.

GhostOfTomJoad said...

You'll need more than a prayer to keep the egg safe! I should know, I had my neighbourhood cat eat the little bird in my courtyard. I had watched its parents labour for days, first, over the nest (which is still hanging from my jade plant) and then to feed it after the little fella popped out of the egg. As it grew, obviously, it wanted to fly. At the very first attempt, unfortunately, it fell to the ground and, in spite of my best efforts, I couldn't put it back into the nest. But, thanks to my mother's brialliant idea, I put up a makeshift nest, with a straw basket, and hung it next to the real thing. The kid was fine and the parents also didn't seem to mind. Anyway, over the next few days, the little fella would get adventurous and, in its attempt to fly, would come crashing to the ground. Because I knew that the cat was hanging around, I was wary of leaving the little guy unattended. So, after I thought it had had enough fun, I would put it back into the makeshift nest. Then, one day, when it had fallen off the nest, I decided to let it be. I thought I'd let it play for some time and put it back up just before sunset. I remember I was making tea in the kitche when I heard some desperate scrambling in the courtyard. I rushed out, only to find the cat walking away with the little fella in its mouth. :-( Sad, but what can one do. So, it'll take more than a prayer :-)

Nessa said...

And a very nice one too :)