Sunday, February 12


You know, love is supposed to be happy. If it is anything else, something's really wrong. Now, perhaps this is a well known thing, but I realized it recently after struggling with certain facts lately. I've realized some things and although on one hand I hope like hell, they are wrong, on the other hand, I hope they aren't wrong for the simple reason that I can't take fluctuating ambiguity for too long now.

Tomorrow's going to be better, isn't it?


David Scrimshaw said...

Your observation about love without happiness reminds me of the chorus to Lynn Miles' Wrong:

Because love is not a lie
Love is not a game
Love doesn't cheat
It doesn't lay blame
Love is not bitter
Love is not cold
Love is not a weapon
And it's not bought or sold

Photography said...

Your cartoons down there are really good, it shows a child in you, gr8 work :-)

chamki said...

i think so too. about love. tomorrow being better, i share your question.

Zofo The Hermit of Wandering Thoughts said...

I think Murphy and his band of pschyo friends with their all too wicked laws would disagree that tomorrow will be better....but all one can do is Hope...

Nessa said...

Tomorrow's always going to be better, sweetie :)

Sagar said...

There is no tomorrow. :)