Sunday, February 26

Nothing to say


Parul Gahlot said...

I think you'r from NID sweety. ARE you?

GhostOfTomJoad said...

A lot of people are as prolific as you are but hardly anyone is as consistently good.

Arroclint said...

i like ure expressiveness!

Nessa said...

Wow! These are really profound.. Especially loved the second one.. very well said and drawn :)

Heretic said...

Ah, for the angst of innocent love! :-)
Loved them, each one. Ms M Miranda Jr, that's what the lines portend.

Fingers said...

Parul, :)

Ghost, thanks, you're too kind.

Arroclint, hi! and thanks.

Nessa, I like that one, too.

heretic, okay now that's really a wonderful wonderful compliment for my work. I totally admire Mario Miranda's work! Thanks!!