Friday, February 24

Running uphill running dowhill

I'm feeling fine...
smiling fine
and want to thank all of you for writing to me.

I've been struggling to concentrate fully on one thing at a time. I think one should do what one is doing at the moment with full concentration. So that's what I did this afternoon and most of last night as well. Infact, reading up about the technicalities of HIV and AIDS gave me some sort of a charge. No, I didn't see red and go charging people like a bull. The charge translated well into the document I'm working on, gave me new ideas in an enriching way.
The workload hasn't reduced but for some reason I'm not all that tense and stressed out. I'm groggy as hell (is hell groggy?) And my right hand and arm ache from all the typing (I know something needs to be done abotu the height of the keyboard desk. Later)> But things are well bcause I'm feeling so much better.

And I want to thanks you again for being so kind and writing nice nice things.
Today i'm going to draw something happy in my new sketchbook and maybe even paint something small. Anmd I'm inspired by the colourful fence from David's blog.
I also want to take out all my beads from the three bead boxes and make something. I find it therapeutic to work with beads and my collection of beads is full of surprises. I've put them in little bottles and jars of all shapes and have at one point of obsessive compulsive disorder(must've been the only time), even tried to catalogue them according to the material (shell, bone (kidding), button, plastic, glass, thread...) and colour (whites, blues, greens, reds and yellows etc...). I'd written a paper on beads once. It took me really long to write. Read up lots about them and I love the definition of a bead. Anything that can be strung is technically a bead! Isn't that lovely? (Yes, if someone put a thread through your foot and hung it, it would qualify as a bead too).

Key word for the day.
Let me go pull or the bright yellow tee shirt and look for a fuschia bottom.
Can't do it,
I'm not Govinda.


Made this.

oh and before we get psochoanalytic,
this isn't me.


Heretic said...

YAY! For not being Govinda, and for colorful beads cheering up your day. Cheers.

Nessa said...

Yes, and I'm smiling too.. see... :)

Hell is groggy.. ask me later if you get too curious about this..

You've made me fall in love with beads too.. I feel like buying some on my way back home (and cataloguing them, of course :)

Finally, nah, I would never've thought that was you :P