Thursday, February 16

From my sketchbook today

Listening to dave Mathews after a long time today.
And it's going to rain now. The air is suddenly cool and a bit nippy.

Things are working fine.
My ticket's done.
Work's getting finished soon.
Need to hunt for a job that will take me in after 5 months.
I think I will go to Auroville, afterall.

I've heard it's not too far from Bangalore.
So, if I can go to bangalore and meet those ngos, I can also make a trip to Auroville.

Enough thinking's been done already. And it isn't even enough yet. Paradoxes abound.
I'm surrounded
by them,
and bitter irony.

But then, aren't we all?

Is there ever a journey without a destination?
I mean, even when the destination isn't as important as th journey, the journey itself becomes the destination.
In that sense, is there ever a journey without a destination?

If yes, then I have just identified the present phase of my life.


Sagar said...

I dont know about journeys without destinations, but I do know about destinations without journeys. :)

Fingers said...

Sagar, I don't know of any destinations without journeys! Do elucidate.

Nessa said...

Hiya, thanx for that.. I thought this phase I'm in was undefined.. The way you think is so beautiful.. and endearing :)

Sagar said...

Insights are destinations without a journey, they dont have a past,or a memory,they are new,always.
Truth is one such example.