Thursday, February 16

Firecrackers in the nightsky

Pomegranate 25 bucks for a kg
carrots 5 for a kg
lettuce 15 bucks for 25o gms
tomatoes 5 bucks for a kg
spring onions 10 bucks for a kg
spinach I forgot the price
cilantro 3 bucks for a bundle
mint 3 bucks for a bundle
Pakistan 161 all out
cauliflower 5 bucks a kg
raspberries 25 rupees for a kg
lemon 32 bucks a kg
bittergourd 20 bucks a kg
coconut 10 bucks for one
lotus roots 5 bucks for 250 gms

I went to the vegetable haat today.

India won the cricket match.


GhostOfTomJoad said...

Was it the iceberg lettuce? Wouldn't mind some :-)

Swapnil Deopurkar said...

you make me smile.

Fingers said...

Ghost...`~ :)

Swapnil ~ That's wonderful!!