Tuesday, February 21

Get a life!

People, always always have safe sex, and use sterilised needles only, during blood transfusion.
Now, i know a there is a lot of awareness about HIV and AIDS, but still, no harm in reminding each other to be careful.

There's too many precious things to still see, and do and smell and feel and eat and emote and breathe and produce... Be good to yourselves, will ya? Don't take your bodies for granted. Take care of your diabetic parents, monitor their menu, even if they mind it. Do it! It's good for them. Exercise, keep fit. Tell yourself, you're young, you shouldn't be slouching, getting tired already, lazy... Constantly remind yourself to take care, to use every moment well. Make the most out of it, however you choose to use it.

And, last but not the least....eat right. This is much more important than we think it is. It isn't just about being slim, dieting, keeping the carbs away etc. Pay attention to what you're eating. Every now and then, read up a bit about the kind of nutrition you're giving yourself. Eat healthy, eat enough energy giving food and protein enriched food and vitamins.

Be well, be good to yourself.

Fact is, HIV takes upto ten years to show up. AIDS isn't a disease, it's a syndrome, a condition during the last phases of the life of someone who is HIV positive. If you know what you should be eating, you can keep your cd4 cells way above 200, thereby keeping yourself healthy even with HIV, and keep those opportunistic infections away.

More later.


GhostOfTomJoad said...

Any specific reason why you're saying this?

You know, the trouble is that, sometimes, even with all this knowledge, about the right food etc, one isn't quite able to do the right thing. Circumstances, situations...they play a bigger role in all this than we can imagine.

Small Routines said...

Absolutely agree! I am appalled by how much even intelligent well-read people take their health for granted, or blindly believe that bad things are what happen to other people.

AlterinG Abhishek said...

Tru, pretty tru!
but as asked.. is there something specific that happened, that pushed you to tell this to all.!!

Fingers said...

The reason: I'm documenting a film I've been working on. It's about the right kind of nutrition for HIV positive people, mainly from the lower stratum of society.

Fingers said...

Animation film.

Nessa said...

Yes, M'am!!