Friday, January 6

You know what?
Let's fall in love!
Let's do a cantaloupe dance,
let go a bit
and feel what's going on.
Let's fall in love

You know what...
Let's stay away from all this.
Let's not thnk of anything else.
Platonic is best.
You can chalk out your options
and I will continue to remind you
that we are not hypothetical case studies
real humans
and that
we cannot
wipe out or memory banks
if we wish to...
I'll continue to remind you
that of all the options you chalk out,
we have only one to 'choose' from, really!
Let's keep things diagonal.
Not straight
longitudinal or latitudinal
but aslant.
That works best for both of us...

But enough from me...
You know what?
Now you tell me what you think
and then,
tell me the options you've chalked out...


coyote said...

“Birds do it,
Bees do it,
Even educated fleas do it.
Let's do it, let's fall in love.”

--Cole Porter

Zofo The Hermit of Wandering Thoughts said...

v nice...but just one question...
How do cantaloupe's dance?? *scratching head*

David Scrimshaw said...

i like the first stanza best.

and Zofo, i think scratching your head would be an excellent way to start a cantaloupe dance

but don't scratch too hard, or too long, other dancers will think you have dandruff.

Jugular Bean said...

Wow, the painting is awesome! It expresses so much emotion, and goes well with the poem.

Atul Sabnis said...

you know what? this is an amazing painting. :)

Lupo said...

...and I wish speak english better. I will try write in english too.


Ash said...

Wonderful :)

miss sam duffy said...

i love your site so much ...i think you shoud marry me.