Wednesday, January 4

I'm getting too lazy.
Should've written things down during my vacation itself.
Now I have four sacks full of memories and enough ink to write them down with. But
I'm too lazy.

Also, on the way to Miraj, when we were crossing endless golden landscape, B said, we were riding on the back of a big lazy lion sleeping in the afternoon sun.
On the way back to Delhi, when V and I were arguing about where we'd reached, B said, calmly, matter of factly; we'd reached the inskirts of Delhi.

B is full of life and enthuses me when I need the extra shot of adrenalin.

So, I'm absolutely single and not at all ready to mingle. Called up the only man on my mind, after many months. I was nervous. Really nervous. He was normal. Normal in the way he used to talk to others, not me. I hung up soon, didn't know what else to say. It pains me, this distance. Emotional distance. Pains me very much.

I will first write down memoirs of this trip in my green notebook and then perhaps write it down here. I gather, that will be the right course of things.

It's awful to be back in this city. Drives me nuts.

Can I not stay put in Ganapati Pule instead? I want to drive through the mango tree landscape every single day and when I see all the trees laden with fruit, it will be a happy day...


primitive poetry said...

maybe you want to travel. maybe its the routine. maybe its the familiarity. right now a part of me longs for that. if it doesnt get better. and if u can, get out !

Zofo The Hermit of Wandering Thoughts said...

So u also went to Ganpati pule...nice beach there and the temple did you go there too..,.,

and I don't know whether you noticed it but on first look this sketch with the red part looks like a figure of the male anatomy...DD.l. I was a little zapped, at first but reason in the end prevailed...hyuck, huck


Fingers said...

Good lord, Z, your observation is really something else! I drew this in the train.
Who else went to Ganapati pule?

Primitive, nice to see you here.

Zofo The Hermit of Wandering Thoughts said...

I've been to Ganpati Pule a couple of times meself first time I went there I was 14..then it was a provebial 1 horse town (read horse = restaurant) which seems eons ago... last time was there a couple of years ago and my..had the place mushroomed ..but still it was better than other beaches around the country