Sunday, January 8

Sunday morning up with the lark...I think I'll take a walk in the park...

My Sundays are very very different. I have a whole lot of things I want to do by the time it's Saturday. And then on Sunday morn I wake up past 11 a.m. since I sleep very very late on Saturday night. Then I want to catch some nice shows on the tv and make myself a nice pot of lemongrass tea while I watch them! Then I want to sit and do the Sunday crossword too. By this time it's already late noon. Then I sit and whine a bit about how half my Sunday's already flown away.

Forget all that.
Today is Sunday and I have a whole lot of things to do. My deadline draws near, to finish my film and I feel guilty when I sleep. So I woke up with a start and made myself that pot of lemongrass tea and folded the newspaper to the crossword. Couldn't concentrate on it so put it aside. Sat with my father for a short while and when he lay down for his Sunday siesta, I came back to my studio (yay yey I have a studio...well, it is my atelier) and turned on the computer.

There are mountains of clothes and other things in 'my' room, the one I use only (if at all) to sleep in these days. I haven't had the time or the inclination to put things back in their places. And my studio was beginning to look stormhit as well so I decided to clean it up just now. I don't have the time to unplug the computer and clean my desk that thoroughly, but I did clean up as well as I could in these times!

It's all such a rush. I don't know where my days and nights are flying off to. I can barely tell one day from the next...or the last for that matter. And I have a visa interview on Tuesday. And now I'm beginning to think of what if they don't give me the visa?! My biggest fear is that I haven't planned out what I'm going to do with my life if I don't go to visit my sister in February. I know things always fall into place but the interim is a mighty tough time. Mighty tighty. Mighty tighty whitey

I want to go cycling today. I haven't taken out my cycle in months.
I want to do my normal chores around the house. There's no time.
I want to read a book for atleast an hour. There are lots of books I've bought lately and I've had absolutely zilch time to read them.
Perhaps the day isn't far when I will be able to do all this.

Till then, it's going to be a daze.

And oh! some days it gets so darn cold that I feel like crying!

This is beautiful, isn't it? I love the mood, the energy, the colours and the somberness of it.
Aaron Jasinski is a hero...

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