Thursday, January 5

Curious little fella

Butterfly boy kept coming back to see where the three of us were looking, to hear what we were listening to and also what we were talking about, and what we were doing.

Long train journeys make a whole coach full of strangers, behave like distant relatives of a fairly large family. We exchange pleasantries and later, begin to behave as though we know what the other person wants/ likes/ thinks.
Strange and wonderful.


Jugular Bean said...

Butterfly boy looks all "awwwww"

Sagar said...

sweet! :)

Heretic said...

Paavam butterfly chile, first he's forced to wear that lovely tee that momma bought, and then this artist lady makes a caricature of his with the butterflies on it. Poor chile. :-))

Fingers said...

Heretic ~ That's an interesting thought...Paavam butterfly boy, then!