Friday, January 20

Atul tagged me. I have to write 8 things about what my ideal partner should be like. So, I'm going to sit back for ten minutes (hopefully it won't take me more than that) and write this out.

This is about a: Male

Er...without much ado, here's the list.

Male in question should be/have...

1. Intelligence. Not just bookish. A scholar/ doctor/ even a management scientist would not impress me if he didn't have the sense to talk to someone who needed to talk to him.

2. Compassion. Very important.

3. Sense of humour that enjoys atleast most of my bad/ non-joke jokes.

4. Atleast a bit bohemian in nature, and this means, besides other things, he should be willing to stay up all night with me just so we could go away to the Sun temple, to catch the sunrise, walk back from the theatre in the late afterrnoon, if I so wish, not be too finicky about the mess I work in ( it's clean but messy), cook silly, goofy (non?) meals for me and let me do the same for him, cycle around town with me, etc...(longish list, actually) :)

5. The ability to tackle any situation without getting rude/ violent (this does not include the very filmy, but possible getting mugged situations. Films are based on real life, no?) :)

6. Live with me most of the time.

Can't think of any more things right now.

I'm sure I'll remember them as soon as i post this.

8. Oh yes! Should love me lots.


Okay, I posted this and felt I was forgetting something. So, I'd forgotten to tag anyone!!

Here's the list of people I'd like to tag.


Jugular Bean
Finny Forever
Lost Doll
4th Dwarf


Atul Sabnis said...

heya! thanks for doing this. "Films are based on real life, no?" and vice-versa?


Heretic said...

Aiyoh! 1-8 includes female, intelligent, witty, humourous, compassionate, goofy enough to get/remain stuck on me, fun-loving, and independent. (that sums up most of my male friends, except for the requisite gender!)

Pretty good for a one-shot chicken answer. :-) Am not posting this lil tag on the blog--hate getting skewered by friends who get tagged in turn.

Finny Forever said...

:) that you should add "Live with me most of the time"

Sagar said...

difficult,certainly, don't you see this is too early for kids like me? :)

Zofo The Hermit of Wandering Thoughts said...

mine is up

coyote said...

1. Should be female

2. Must enjoy large perky ears and cold wet black nose-nuzzles.

3. Should like to lie about reading Sunday newspapers and drinking coffee for hours.

4. Might consider, once in awhile, getting dressed up for no reason at all.

5. Should have a rich laugh, the kind that sounds like it's about a mildly dirty joke, even when it is about nothing of the kind.

6. Should be able to appreciate -- on some level -- bad jokes and worse puns, because, well, that's what I do.

7. It would be nice if she liked long drives to nowhere in particular, on scenic highways that sometimes lead to great little ice cream stands.

8. Tolerant -- of all of the above, and much, much more....