Wednesday, January 25

A day.

This morning when I opened the door to get the newspaper,
Winter barged right in and gave me a tight tight hug.


On my way back from the Ticket booking office,
on a cycle rickshaw moving along slowly.
The empty road reminded me of
sleepy summer days of my childhood
in Kamptee.

the rickshaw-walah swerved to the left
we entered a hot lane bustling with activity
nervous frenzy
freaking vendors
maniacal road crossers
frenzied cattle

all the forty different sub-tastes of the bite of guava in my mouth
were drowned in the two hundred and three people/traffic noises.

Last night...
while scanning funny textbook drawings of fruits and vegetables for my film, I came across some rather interesting drawings.
Take a dekko.


Zofo The Hermit of Wandering Thoughts said...

hee..heee.. very nice...203 noises... for we are exact people...

Kamptee is it Kamptee Falls...KAMPTEE. or 2 Cup Tea??


David Scrimshaw said...

Down beside the lantern, is that a fox? or a coyote?

Fingers said...

Zofo ~ Kamptee is a little town near Nagpur, Maharashtra.

David ~ It's a fox!

Finny Forever said...

I think the fox looks cute. And I like the way log and girl sound almost so alike. The ladka would like to lay the ladki by the laltane as the lomdi looks on.

Crouching Tigress said...

Hahaha Lomdi! Full school nostalgia happened off :p