Monday, March 27


I'm here now.
I'm having fun.
It's a bit cold. I froze when I walked out of the airport.
Stopover at Chicago was fun. If I had that guy's number, I'd've called him. Tried remembering his number but (thankfully) realised I had just written down my sister's number instead. I bought some small things at the airport and wanted to buy a coffee just for kicks. So I did. And scalded my pallette in the bargain. The American Eagles' flight was a joke after the American Airlines' flight. Oh! I met some really friendly people all along. Actually, eversince I got into the IGI airport, I kept talking to people. Nice friendly people. They all wished me a pleasant trip here with my sister.
Hmm, let's see if I can find some photos to put up.
I didn't have jetlag per se, but since I hadn't got too much sleep since the last whole month or more, I've been sleeping ' rather well'. Ahem.

Oh! What'd I finally see yesterday? The motorcycle diaries. I know....I should've seen it a long time ago. But I couldn't. So I saw it yesterday and yikes! Gael Garcia is hot hot hot! My sister's gifted me the Bolivian Diary, which is a part of the actual Motorcycle diaries but not part of the film.
I watched the Mystic Masseur today and found it rather boring. The book is a whole lot better. I love Ram Logan in the book becuase I can imagine any degree of improper spoken english (does that make sense?) in the book; but in the film, my imagination is limited. Ayesha Dharker is a fine Leela. Ram Logan's shop is too neat, unlike in the book where I can almost smell the putrid jalebies.

I was sketching while flying, and a lot of people gave me the thumbs up sign which was heartening, considering that I haven't been doing much sketching lately, except for film work and all my sketches end up looking like either Sukhiram or Dukhiram (from my film).

I wish I'd just stop dreaming of the boy. It makes me sad when I wake up.

I don't want to end this post on a grave note.
Hmm, trying to upload some pictures but there's some problem. so I'll upload them later. And I'll start sketching and painting!!!! Yes, PAINTING! Like real oil on canvas! Yayyy!
shall put things up soon.
enjoy, everyone!


Sagar said...

The boy? :)

Avalonian said...

I'd laike to say, Walcum! :D

coyote said...

Me too! Welcome to my side of this large rock... I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Nessa said...


Zofo The Hermit of Wandering Thoughts said...

the eagle has landed...well have a great time with your sis....

and yes to keep posting pics,....
I think the insommnia here helped with the jet lag ..fellow owl...


Fingers said...

Sagar, The boy has been an important character in my life. :)

Avalonian, Thankyoo!!

Coyote, thankyoo, too. I'm already enjoying yur side of the large rock!

Nessa, :)

Zofo, turns out, my nocturnal escapades paid of just fine, afterall! I didn';tr have any jetlag, you see, because I adjusted to the time change so...well...'naturally'!

bluerebel said...

You sound happy and content...
am glad for you..