Wednesday, March 8

and on the way back I chatted with the rickshawwala

Feeling awesome!
Work's going well. Need to do lots and lots more by tomorrow.
I'm feeling
and full of energy.

My newish sketchbook is almost full.
I have lots more to start using.
Good friends
are around.
Some are not around but they still show me they care
which works, too.

It's going to happen soon

really soon!

And then,
I'll be off.


Over the last couple of days I've been having these conversations with my mother.
Really rejuvenating ones.
They pep me up.
Thank you, Ma...

Things are looking good.


coyote said...

The blue lady. Wow. I'd really like to say something more profound, but wonderfulness leaves me speechless.

David Scrimshaw said...

I'm feeling inspired by how fast you're filling that sketchbook. And with such richness.

bluerebel said...

hey,these are have you been??

Fingers said...

coyote, why must there be a need to be profound? your comment is appreciated even in the simplest words.

david, i'm so glad it inspires you. now, let's see a bucket full of your great sketches!

shaun, i'm doing well...thanks...

Nessa said...

Wow, Fingers is happy.. that makes me happy somehow :)

This purple woman is haunting.. Reminds me of something Ditto read out from The Shining to Sue and me.

Oh, and now I've managed to get spooked all by myself :(

but I'm still happy :)