Friday, November 18

When conversations turn into soliloquies

Simple questions asked in jest
topic changed pronto
I shudder
and utter
white truths
on black nights.

Took a while to reckon
the power of grey,
it beckons
to keep roaring silences meek
the panoramas I seek
slowly but surely, leak.

Let it rest
we'll just talk in jest.


coyote said...

Something new -- parallel blogs. I've found that just one can take a lot of attention. Is this your new way of getting to bed some time earlier than 4 a.m.-ish ?

coyote said...

Oh. And this is a nice poem, by the way. Limpid. Today's word is 'limpid.'

Avalonian said...

Didn't I see 3 comments? I'm still trying to get my head around the poem though..very morose methinks, but there's a quaintness to it. Kudos!

Fingers said...

Morose? Perhaps. But then, I think I did justice to the situation I wrote it in. Perhaps that's unwanted information.
Thank you, Avalonian.

yes there were 3 comments earlier.