Monday, November 21

Aye Aye!

Someone wants to buy my painting!
I won't put it up here.
It is one of my favorites and since I've never sold any of my paintings before, I don't even know whow much I should sell it for.
But hey! Someone wants t o buy my painting!!

I'd made it one night, suddenly waking up from sleep at 4 a.m.


coyote said...

That is so cool! And so's your stuff. I can understand why somebody wants to buy one.

Laban T Walker said...

me too...this is just the beginning

Avalonian said...

Going once, going twice....*I can just see it*

Fingers said...

Sigh...thank you all three of you, you are too kind (smiles sheepishly and waits for that girl to enquire about the painting again!).