Sunday, November 13


This could either be called a phantom interview or just a tete-a-tete I had with myself. You can decide whatever you'd like to call it. I'm just getting on with it.

- What's the colour for this season?
~ Fuschia

_ Why fuschia?
~ It's bright, that's why

_ What season is it?
~ Dull burnt sienna

_ Do you always think and talk in colours? (how boring)
~ Not always, sometimes I talk in patterns and nexuses too

_ Describe the moon, right now
~ It's the same, each night.
Some days back
I ate a slice ofwatermelon.
My secret lover stashed away that slice of melon,
batik painted over it
with stardust and put it up
my secret window.
my moonshines bright.

- I've run out of questions. Your answers are stupefying me.
~ Aye aye, ask me some more, I'm just warming up now

- When was the last time you did something really important?
~ T'was the day I decided
to make Oskar Kokoschka
my warm and lovely
flaming babushka.
it was the day
I knew
Gunter Grass
does never, ever go to
sunday mass.
I left
my burning afternoon siesta
in search of that
gushing truth.
The hot hornet's nest of honesty
that had hitherto evaded me.

- This is getting a bit too much for me now. One last question. What will life be like, for you,
a few years from now?
~ I will be a girl-woman
living on the fringes
with half dirty brushes
and half written verses.

- Goodbye!
~ Ta daa!


Avalonian said...

enjoyed this to be your permanent blog? or will u moonlight (!) with the Native Tourist?

Fingers said...

Avalonian ~ thank you for all your comments, for, besides what they contain, they also tell me you've taken the effort to read everything.
I do hope this will be my permanent blog. I'm fairly new to blogger. However, I find it easy to write things here, almost everyday. Perhaps it's a phase of life. I'm enjoying it.