Thursday, November 10

it's terrible.
i'm using lower case.
don't have the patience to use upper case or caps.
one at a time
they enter
your life
by one
they enter your
up your thoughts
one call a day
from far away
is enough
to make you blush
and two?
that would be beetroot
on your cheeks
and three?
you'd be flying
yippity yee!!
oh gee!
if only
if only
it'd last.
never does!
a loud loud LOUD
in just a few days
it'll all be gone
far away
you won't know what it was
that hit you.
it hurts.
just when you're thinking
and that
one finger at a time
you begin to give
yourself away
one thing
at a time
one smile
one teardrop
one smudge of mascara
one letter from the alphabet
one page in the green hand sewn book
one call
after the other
one thought
one person
one life
one dream
one language
one another
till the BANG!
and then
it's all gone.

seems like it's gone now.
i'm cheesed off. i want to shout, pull out large wads of grass from the lawn
make it bald in a patch
i want to starve myself
because i don't feel hungry
when i'm

damn you!


Laban T Walker said...

i wish i could help, i am sorry this is happening

Anonymous said...

you say 'if only it'd last'..... there are so many people saying the same thing! i guess they all are saying it to the wrong audience and the saying goes on!!

btw lower case is not that bad. infact nothing is bad.... it's the way u look at things!

Fingers said...

ltb, you Are helping me by listening..

anonymous, are you the same person who wrote a comment earlier too? I wish i could share your optimism.

Anonymous said...

lol... go ahead and make the wish!!

btw whatever you wrote is so beautiful, that forgot to comment on that!

only thing is, i wish you could write such beauties on a much happier note!

Fingers said...

anonymous, do i know you, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

do u know me?!!!

i dont think so!

Fingers said...

anon, i Do think so. anyways, since you wish to be clothed in anon coats, do as you wish.

Anonymous said...

let my wish be granted!

Avalonian said...

Giving away my self in small finger-shaped measures. I have been doing that for a while now, and I've been refecting on it for the past few hours; and much like your BANG, I read this post and it hit this BANG inevitable? i hope to Any Divine not...

Fingers said...

I shall pray to all my diverse pagan gods that your giving away in finger shaped measures, does not end with a bang.

Apps said...

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