Sunday, November 20

What I really want to do...


~ listen to dire straits
please baby
je suis desole
will you miss me
goodbye windflower
manifold de amour
the next time i'm in town
the way it always starts
one way gal
suicide towers
railroad worksong

~ drink fourteen cups of black coffee, neither too strong nor too sweet

~ forget the ill-mannered boy from last evening. he really does need to grow up. and he needs to stop whining.

~ pull out (and find) twenty three old newspapers with undone crosswords. sit and do each one of them.

~ paint something while listening to the above mentioned music.

~ sit on the floor cushions in the corner with a book (i'll think of which one, later) and fall asleep while reading it.

what i need to do today

  • get work ready to show greg tomorrow
  • finish those three book covers and submit them by tomorrow
  • clean up the work desk
  • darn some things
  • forget the question asked in jest.


i hate this painting i made two years ago.


Zofo The Hermit of Wandering Thoughts said...

your pulling out and finding unfinished crosword puzzles reminds me of who else but myself (hubris?? anyone), I have even gone to the lenghts of buying old newspapers from the Kabadi and then re doing it.... love to fill those empty squares .. yes I doo...

P.S: the painting is not that bad,,

Avalonian said...

YEah, I actually liked it quite a bit

Avalonian said...

and 'je suis desole' is a great song! The whole album is great actually..