Wednesday, April 12

One day

All this while, I've been at it
and I'm still trying
to find myself.

I wonder then,
how much longer I'm going to take
lose you,
the idea of you,
anything to do with you,
and if it's
even possible?


The moon tonight-
shell disc
fogged by
those racing
cotton swabs running parallel to my universe.


And who would've thought
one day
I'd make salted snacks,
bake a cocolate cake and
some cookies too!
All in a days work.

The cookies...
ah..they weren't cookies really.
They were meant to be donuts but there weren't any eggs
so we tried making some sweet snacks out of the dough.
Didn't work out.
So we pulled out the baking tray and splattered the gooey doughish batter on it in even amounts
trying to make them look decent.
Then I adorned each one with a chocolate chip.
Fifteen minutes later.
We have fresh cookies at home!


Sagar said...

to lose you, I must understand you.

Laban T Walker said...

after-thought cookies....hmmm...a new twist, did you eat them?

Bingochubb said...

to find yourself is to end this journey that we cal life...its in the end that we find our begining....