Wednesday, April 26

Mic testing hello hullooo

The horriblest weather shucks, what's one to do?
How can there be an exhibition in this weather?

I was trying to avoid renting a tent for the show - rental costs are freakin high. Looks like I'll have to get one in anycase, the weather God surely isn't smiling at me.
So all morning we've been out, thinking of bright and even brighter ideas to put up the display. Basically, we became walking and (increasingly) talking display structure designers. At Home Depot at ten am, with each passing aisle of different material, our brainwaves ran amok and voila! one smart idea after another!
And that, is really not such a good thing.

Lord, how I wish I didn't have many options. And if there had to be options in any case, I wish I didn't have a mind that doesn't rest.

It's grey right now. Tent or not tent.



Small Routines said...

Oh, bad forecast for weekend too, is it? At least here in Eastern Canada it's supposed to get better over the weekend, supposed to be sunny. All the best!

sinusoidally said...

Good luck to you.