Saturday, April 22

I live for weekends!

Next weekend is a big weekend for me.
It's my first exhibition of paintings and drawings!
There is an art festival here and 100 emerging artists are being encouraged to put up their work in an individual booth.
I'm putting up paintings , photographs and beaded jewellery.
Since I didn't bring along any of my paintings from India, for the past three days(since the time I got to know of the fest), I've just been drawing and painting like crazy (well, almost). :)

Yesterday when I went to submit my application form, the good lady at the counter called me an artist!

And then later on, when we went gallery crawling in NoDa(the art hub of Charlotte), someone came up to me while I was looking at the photographs, and asked me if I was one of the people who'd put up their work there! Okay, so this one might not seem like a big deal, considering there were a few of us and he could've asked anyone else. Well, it made me feel all good!

Please please please pray that the next weekend, Saturday and Sunday are just plain sunny days not sudden-burst-of-rain days like today.

I'm all smiles as I get back to the mobile studio I've created downstairs (I operate out of a basket...(that houses all the equipment I need) ). Hahaa

(The neckpiece in the pic - I made it when I was in Bombay, sitting up three nights. Used thread since I didn't have wire. I love the sumptious colours...)


Sagar said...

woha! this is so cool! I wish you luck!

GhostOfTomJoad said...

Hmm, the neckpiece reminds me of something someone used to make but let's not go there :-)

Yours is nice and I hope the art fest goes well for you...In fact, I'm sure it will :-) Best!

Fingers said...

Sagar, Ghost ~ Thanks!

Small Routines said...

You'll go places! You've got so much colour in you, and it comes out in such wonderful ways - of course, the exhibition is going to come out fantastic!

Wish I was there to see it. About the sunny weather, have already put in a prayer to Warm Presence, the Patron Saint of Cats - if anyone hates the rain, they do!

Avalonian said...

good luck! more sumpuousness (/ sumptuosity?..bah! nouns!) :) to you.

Swapnil Deopurkar said...

Best wishes!

bluerebel said...

Hey...wishing you all the best...the pics are great...esp love the picture of the street...

Crouching Tigress said...

Good luck, artist babe!(Errr...sorry couldnt think of a better suffix..I need more caffeine today it seems)

Fingers said...

Huckleberry finn ~ Thank you!! I hope the Patron saint of cats will listen to our prayers...!

Avalonian ~ Thanks! Bah to those nouns, I know what you mean. :)

Bluerebel ~ Thanks!

Searchingformrmojorising ~ (Shucks, writing out your names needs patience)! Thanks!