Sunday, April 23

Girl at work

The fest is coming up in less than a week's time.

Yesterday we went to get some beads from
this shop. It sits inside a beautiful old house with an ancient, baby pink cadillac in the front. I wish the website were done better to show the shop itself. It's bliss! Specially for someone who once wrote a long paper on beads. Hahahahahaha It makes me laugh now, the idea of doing something like that.

This is our Sunday purchase...

So, I've been trying to work hard (grins).
In between all the hard work, when I take a break, my sister gets me a nice cup of chai. There's nothing better than it. And then I (try and) get back to work again. (grins again).

This is my sister, getting her precious Sunday siesta. A little somebody's inside her... :)

These are the flowers I got when I landed in Charlotte. they're still alive!


Small Routines said...

I miss my sofa!

Avalonian said...

are they Bourbon biscuits?