Tuesday, April 3


I decided last night, to be cheerful today.
Then the nasty bird-brained pigeons decided to spoil things.
One sat in my bathroom all night long. I tried to make it fly out but it refused. Tucked it's little foot under its belly and was snug.

This morning I opened all the windows so it would fly out. About fifteen minutes later I heard some cacophony. Saw there were not one but three pigeons in my bathroom!
Then my friend came by for some work. I put him to work at once! Gave him a broom tied to a long stick. He crouched on top of the WC and saw not just three pigeons but also some eggs!
He was brave and shooed the pigeons away. Normally they fly around from one room to the other but this time they flew right out of the windows.

I had to clean the whole place up, it was stinking of pigeon shit.

But you see, I'm happy now that the pigeons have gone and I'm trying to be cheerful again.


drifting leaf said...

hmmm... crazy thing you are...
i once found a little baby pigeon lying dead in my bathroom and it really got me all upset... i remember how we wrapped it in a clean white sock and it broke my heart but we had to leave her in a bin cos we did not want the crows or cats to get her... gosh, i'd forgotten all about that...

adi said...

what happenned to the eggs???