Tuesday, March 27

Wooden Nickels

I've been back from home for a week today. And I've never felt so uninspired. There's a lot of work to be done but just so little inspiration.
So today i woke up late, made myself a pot of chai and sat down to work. First on P's film script and then I began to paint and draw the storyboard from the animation project I'm working on now. Then it came back, this silly thing called inspiration.
I think I found it in the flourescent paints I picked up from the shop. They cost me 20 rupees.
My math is bad but I can calculate this little piece of information well.

Bought a big white topped, old wooden table and an old wooden chair from the Sunday market. It's lovely. I'm going to paint the chair red and the table legs some other colour soon. Fun!


Anjaan said...

Some food for thought!!

Maybe you shud change ur template font color? *contemplative look*

Angelfish said...

inspiration is a fickle thing. but when you find it - the angels sing.....