Saturday, April 14

A little secret

A little secret I share with you.
A fortnight back I went to the ATM to withdraw some cash and left my old paint brushes there.
I didn't want to throw them and I had no use for them. So I left them there thinking someone would pick them up and use them.
Then yesterday I went to my bank. While I was filling out some papers, the guard from the ATM came up to me and said, he'd kept my paint brushes safely.
I have never spoken with the guard before.
It felt beautiful to be recognised.
And remembered as the girl who left her paint brushes!
So I smiled at hime.
My secret was out.
I told him why I'd left my brushes there on purpose.
He was a bit confused.
So I asked him to give the brushes to his children.
Lovely day, yesterday.
Lovely city, Ahmedabad, thank you for being so good to me.


Saltwater Blues said...

you dont want to paint no more?

drifting leaf said...

i like you fingers :)...

100hands said...

That's the prettiest story I have heard in a long time...

Fingers said...

Oh,I'm painting lots these days! Needed new brushes because the old ones were sloppy.

Swapnil said...


adi said...

feels good

Amogh said...

Bonita, i like this thing about u...:-)