Friday, June 23

It's a night for sleep

I just got back from the Sequoia national park!

How was it?
Can't describe it. No amount of words can do it justice.

Let's just say, I feel a whole lot calmer after paying obeisance to the largest and very very old (how old is two thousand and three hundred years old?), trees. General Sherman tree made me feel like a tiny tiny speck. But all in a good way.

The Sequoias are like warm, grandfatherly figures, the sort who'll gently pull you closer and lull you to sleep with fairytales. The sort who'll embrace you so you feel safe anywhere. Just wonderful.

And what can I say about warm water and how much it soothes me.
I miss my parents now.

On another note, I recieved my camera in the mail today!
So wheeeeeee!
Lots more photos of weird and even weirder things shall be put up now!

Oh and this drawing, I made it some days back.

I wish I were back at the park.


Alexiev said...

Good Illustration... great blog...
Saludos desde buenos aires...

Sagar said...

I do. :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh - I have to ask - which camera?